Jul 6, 2018 | Insights


7 Times Drones Were Used Brilliantly for Brand Marketing

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Drones are a regular part of the conversation when it comes to cinematography and live action and can be an essential tool for brand marketing, events, and advertisements. If you’re looking for inspiration for your next brand execution, we have 7 videos to get your creative juices flowing.

Cartier Governors Island Party Video

You throw an exclusive event, but you want to garner attention from those who couldn’t attend by giving them a glimpse into the magic. Drone videography helped to create an immersive experience beyond the event venue.

Used Car Online Ad

No drone commercial list would be complete without a car commercial. But this commercial is a little different. A professional cinematographer applied his skills to an advertisement for his girlfriend’s used car, and the result is perfect.

North Face Commercial

Stunning scenery. Overhead views. Avalanches. Flights through the mountains. A tight rope walker over a waterfall. This commercial is a nature lover and drone cinematographer’s dream.

Flying Collection Guerrilla Marketing

When a commercial won’t get your audience’s attention, perhaps flying your clothing in front of their office windows will. That’s what this Brazilian clothing store did, showcasing that drones have uses for brand advertisement beyond video.

Wynwood Walls, Art Basel Promotion

Sometimes you have a concept and a location that needs no script. The drone was used to simultaneously capture the beauty and magnanimity of Wynwood Walls in a way that would not otherwise be possible.

LA Phil Commercial

In this commercial for the LA Philharmonic, drones were used to get stunning shots of musicians playing in the streets, on rooftops, and throughout the city. Cranes, dollies, and helicopters would be a massive expense and an incredible hassle for so many of these locations. Drones made these scenes possible without breaking the budget.

Fenty Puma Fashion Show

When your fashion show includes dirt bikes flying indoors, drones are a logical solution to getting those shots from all angles. Every major event should be documented in a way that brings the “wow” factor of the live experience to the video audience. Caught an idea for your next brand story? Contact our production team to see if drones are right for your project.

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