Broadcast Sports


Immerse your fans in the action with recorded or live-broadcast aerial videography.

From race tracks to rivers, we’ve captured the best view for fans around the world. Our crews are well equipped with top-of-the line drones, wire-cams, cameras and live broadcasting capabilities.


In the middle of the action. Drones can get closer to the action, providing a dynamic, immersive experience for the viewer and building passion for the sport.


Planning the unplannable. Live events are often unpredictable, but, with well-planned camera placements, expert timing and an experienced crew, we can reliably capture the action.


Equipped to win. Your M2 Aerials team uses state-of-the art equipment to deliver broadcast quality footage right to your production booth.


Playing by the rules. Our licensed pilots follow thorough safety procedures and arrive with any necessary permits, aviation liability coverage, and FAA approval for night operations

Broadcast Sports that M2 Has Captured

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