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Elevating Sports Entertainment with Aerial Cinematography

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Drone Coverage of 2018 Olympics Sets Precedent for Sports Entertainment

If there were any doubt, the Olympics has put it to rest: drones have raised the bar in sports broadcasting and entertainment.

The 2018 Winter Olympics saw commercial drones put to work on a scale not yet seen before in one event.

They were used to set the scene with stunning footage of South Korea, used to capture live sports, film b-roll of venues and athletes, help tell the news stories behind the games, and even to act as standalone entertainment. From the impressive 1,218 Intel Shooting Star drone light show to stunning coverage of the sporting events themselves, drones were used to surprise, delight, entertain and inform.

Nowhere else is the connective tissue between art and science thicker than the drone. Whether these flying robots are used to paint stories in the night sky or to film a drama, drones are the latest tool in an artist’s toolkit, and serious artists and entertainers are employing these technological wonders in the wild with great success.

The 2018 Winter Games are proof positive that the world’s leading artists, entertainers and media brands are turning to drones to help create art and tell stories.

Speaking of Sports Broadcasting…

World Rowing Championships
NEP Broadcast called us up to shoot the World Rowing Championships last fall, hoping to work some of the same magic we broadcast worldwide for the 2015-2016 US Open tournaments. For four days we were live, providing powerful overhead angles from Sarasota. The client was thrilled and said that this was, hands down, the best drone team he’s ever worked with.

Watch the stunning imagery.

M2 Welcomes Film Industry Veteran Lisa Miller

We’re thrilled to welcome Lisa Miller to the M2 team. Her years of experience in the film & TV industry working for the likes of FujiFilm Motion Picture, Camtec, and Otto Nemenz make her a natural fit to help lead the M2 team in Los Angeles.

Lisa will be working closely with directors and cinematographers to help them incorporate incredible drone cinematography into their projects. Connect with her on LinkedIn or by clicking the button below.


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