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New York Fashion Week Media Production Takes on Many Moods

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It’s the only week that lasts all year.

We’re talking about New York Fashion Week. For every brand, ten minutes of runway time carryover into the entire season. Today, social media has transformed the way shows are put together.

Video production is of prime importance and getting the right angles and unique shots can be difficult in the traditionally confined spaces. With this focus on media, many brands are de-emphasizing large, live crowds and instead requesting more intimate settings or using space for elaborate entertainment features.

As we look forward to the upcoming Fashion Week in September, we reflect on our experiences behind-the-scenes during some of our favorite fashion week productions last season.


Dark and Eerie with COACH

The final walk-thru with the runway models.

The dark and eerie setting for Coach’s last fall fashion show, one of two shows we have shot for Coach, made us feel like we were back on the set of Fear the Walking Dead. The final walk-thru (shown here) was unique, and we were impressed with the coordination of the models to navigate so cleanly through the “woods.”

See full video highlight reel here: 


Clean and Drama-free with Tom Ford

Testing the lighting and camera settings before rehearsal.

Tom Ford always keeps it classy, and last year’s men’s and women’s fashion week show was no exception. With clean lines and carefully orchestrated, minimal lighting, the show allowed the clothes to shine without distraction. You’d never know that the busy men’s show day left us with less than 30 seconds to land the perfect shot.

See full video here:


Adrenaline Rush with Fenty Puma

fenty puma

Overhead angle of the set, seconds before dirt bikes leaped into the sky.

In complete contrast to the low-key nature of Tom Ford’s show, Fenty Puma put on a heart-pumping, live experience to showcase the “active lifestyle” behind Rihanna’s brand. To set the stage for the high-flying dirt bikers flying right above the models, drone videography was an absolute must. Our experience capturing dramatic indoor shots came in handy for this action-packed video.

See full video here:


Glamorous with Cartier

As always, New York City provided a stunning backdrop.

As any New Yorker knows, fashion week is jam-packed with events on and off the runway. Last year, Cartier threw a glamorous event on Governors Island that extended beyond a runway show of their jewelry and included fireworks and a live performance by Stevie Nicks. Working in New York’s busy airspace at night, we were lucky to experience it live and in person, capturing views of the event with the city behind it.

View full video here:


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