Scripted Productions


Bring your exciting vision to the screen with a team of creative storytellers who use drone technology.

Led by an Emmy-winning innovator, our team uses top-of-the-line equipment, deep industry knowledge, and a wealth of real-world experience to overcome challenges and provide remarkable aerial footage for any production.


Delivering on a vision. Our expert drone pilots capture footage that immerses viewers into a scene in a way that no other technology can. Dynamic, hard-to-get shots are our passion and we’ll put our expertise to work to turn your vision into reality.



Big plans realized. Get expert planning from an experienced crew. We can advise on everything from location to timing, select the best aerial video equipment, and help your team produce quality cinematography at a reasonable price.



Some things should never be compromised. M2 Aerials is a team of experienced professionals. Rest assured that we will operate according to the highest safety standards, carry appropriate insurance, and obtain any necessary permits or approvals.

Scripted Productions that M2 has Captured

Make your vision a reality.

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